What "They" Are Saying About Us...

This stuff is damn good! I shake my head when I see other people use traditional deodorant at the gym. I recommend it to all my friends.
— DeJuan
This is the first natural deodorant that works through anything. I usually have to reapply during a day with other natural deodorants, not with deodorant detox.
— Angela
We love it!! My husband, daughter, and I all use the deodorant detox and it is the best!
— Shandria
I just really love it and love the fact that it is all natural!
— Bev
This is better than any natural deodorant I have ever used. I won’t use anything else.
— Shauna
This is all I will use from here on... It gets no better than a natural deodorant that truly works.
— Jeff
I walked 6.7 miles in the sun and my underarms still smelled fresh. This stuff is amazing
— Michele